About Gremgoyles

Gremgoyles was inspired by the 1984 horror film called Gremlins and a Saturday morning cartoon called Gargoyles. The artist that came up this idea of bringing these 2 creatures together is King Pinky.

One day Pinky decided he would try to draw an animated cartoon character of his own daughter, which then resulted in a baby Gremgoyle.

So yes, the very first Gremgoyle ever made was Pinky drawing his own daughter. The Gremgoyles brand grew from there through Pinky, their team, and their community!!

Gremgoyles Goals?

To create a fun, engaging experience! To develop our origin story and lore, we are dropping a comic book! Hop into Discord and check out the Comic channel!

Our amazing Community of holders have been coming up with their own ideas about what their castles have in them, and we love the creativity!!

Our Discord is our home for all of our castles. When you join our Kingdom's, we open the gates and welcome in all new members.

On discord we play rumble royales, stream live video game events, watch movies and sing karaoke in Gen VC. Our community is very close and anyone that joins us knows they can count on us to be here for them.

Join us as we grow together & evolve - GG

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