What is GNAR AF DAO all about?

At GNAR AF DAO, our mission is to bring the power of web3 to every town through our Gnar AF selection of threads, merch, and ethically-sourced specialty coffee. Whether you're a fan digital collectibles with Gnar AF designs or our impeccably Gnar AF coffee, we've got the goods to will fuel your adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process my order?

We pride ourselves on prompt service, so you can expect your order to be processed within 1-2 business days for coffee.  Merchandise lead times are approx 5-7 business days US. International lead times vary

How long does shipping take?

If you're in the United States, you can expect your Gnar AF coffee to arrive within 3-5 business days. Merchandise is also 3-5 business days. International shipping times will vary.

Is shipping free?

For Coffee? Absolutely! We offer free shipping on all coffee orders within the United States. For our international customers, shipping rates are available upon request.

What about shipping on merch?

Shipping is an additional cost and we have secured production in multiple countries to keep our prices reasonable for quality custom merchandise for global fulfillment.

What size coffee bags do you offer?

All of our specialty coffee is available in convenient 12oz bags, perfect for fueling your Gnarly adventures.

Can I customize my order?

Of course! We offer a variety of customization options to ensure that you get the perfect coffee for your preferences. Choose your preferred coffees either ground or whole bean.

Can I custom order merch?

If you are a DAO member then hell yes!  Take advantage of that fatty discount!!  If you are not a DAO member, then go purchase an NFT from Magic Eden.  If that last statement doesn't make sense, then please reach out and we can chat!

Is your coffee ethically sourced?

Absolutely! We believe in supporting sustainable coffee farming practices and are committed to ethically sourcing all of our coffee. We thank our roasters for vetting and providing this for us.

What about your merch?

Yes!! We are ethically sourced in everything we do!

We have the Responsibility as stewards for the future. Sustainability is Gnar AF and we only work with suppliers who share this ethos.

Where is your coffee roasted?

Our expert roasters in Southern California carefully roast each batch to bring out the Gnar AF flavors of our specialty coffee.

What is your return policy?

However, if you receive your order with damaged packaging, please contact us to discuss refund or replacement options.